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Vaso Ble VI

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Vase Ble V is one of a series of blue vase pots; these wheel thrown vessels draw inspiration from the iconic geometric shapes of ancient Greek art. The Geometric period is distinguished by a reliance on these iconic geometric shapes to create human or animal figures, as well as other abstract expressions.

In the same vein, this series takes on a Greek Blue, a colour inspired by the strong blue hues found throughout the Mediterranean; commonly found on their rustic doors, shutters and furniture, more beautiful as they become faded and distressed. 

Vaso Ble V hold its presence whether standing on its own, or in multiples in a Series. So many interesting compositions can be made of this Series.

By Ang Chee Yong

Diameter: 11.7 cm

Height:  9 cm

Weight:  422 g

Product Code: ACY2304-0030-1

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