About Us

At The Other Potters, we are a group of experienced and enthusiastic potters who have come together to put our work on this website to bring you a very large and growing collection of handmade and unique ceramic ware. Our art pieces and functional ware make ideal gifts for every special occasion and should find a place in every home.

As part of our vision for this store, we will from time to time be inviting guest potters, both experienced as well as budding artists, to showcase their work alongside ours. For budding artists in particular, we hope that this platform will encourage them to pursue their passion and give them an opportunity to make their work available to a wider customer base.

We hope you enjoy browsing our collection and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us on WhatsApp 96518564 or email us at theotherpotterssg@gmail.com.


Shweta Patel


When I touched clay for the first time, almost 15 years ago, I was immediately pulled into the intriguing world of earth, fire, water, wheel and hands. The infinite possibilities of creating a thing of beauty that has outlived our forefathers and will outlive us, is the magic that continues to entice, endure and guide. To me, the centering of a lump of clay is meditative, wheeling the entire world to a point of perfect balance and harmony. The process of pulling and pushing requires delicate interaction, leading it gently into becoming what your heart wants, at the same time respecting the boundaries the clay sets. It is this balance of leading it on and being led on that I strive to achieve. Working on the wheel is my passion and forte. The urge to create bigger, more perfect shapes and forms is a self-imposed challenge that makes me return to the wheel over and over again. These surfaces then are a canvas, carved, stretched, stamped or just left plain. The confluence of these earthy forms with glaze and fire breathes life into clay that will prevail. Reduction firing excites me and is what my pottery dreams are made of while oxidation firing keeps me grounded, pushing me to explore more within the known. The inspiration for shapes and designs are often traditional and functional, but increasingly I find myself appreciating imperfections, adding a new direction, depth and dimension to the forms. I am a potter by choice and I celebrate clay every day. It gives me pause, so as to live every moment as it connects my soul to nature, to earth, to the infinite. I hope my pots convey this connection and bring joy, peace and harmony wherever they live, conveyed onwards from the wheel.

For the past few years, I have been successfully running Wheel of Clay pottery studio. It is located at 16 Jalan Kilang Timor, a very quiet and peaceful place that helps me achieve my pottery dreams. 


Delphine Sng


Delphine embarked on her journey in pottery some 17 years ago, under the guidance of Master Potter Lim Kim Hui. It was the time at an artist-residency programme at the International Workshop of Ceramic Art in Tokoname (IWCAT) in Japan in 2011 that further ignited this passion for pottery.

Her affinity nature and art traces back to her formative years. Having traversed over from the corporate world, Delphine ultimately found herself drawn back to the realm of the Arts. To her, the amalgamation of Art and Nature serves as life's great teachers, each offering boundless inspiration through their inherent beauty and complexity. She looks to the infinite miracles in the work of Creation for its pure inspiration. To know that we can be part of this creative dynamism, capable of moulding beauty from life's raw materials, is itself a humbling lesson.

Driven by an innate impulse to create, Delphine endeavours to capture the essence of her experiences through art—creating pieces that exude spontaneity and encapsulate the essence of her journeys through time, existence, and the natural world. She finds solace in the malleable nature of clay, a medium that speaks volumes without uttering a single word, allowing her to express herself poetically. Immersed in the rhythmic motion of the pottery wheel and the meditative solitude of sculpting, she finds joy in the serendipitous revelations that emerge throughout the artistic process, cherishing the beauty found within imperfections.

Working mostly at her studio-gallery, she enjoys exploring the diverse forms and experiment with the interplay between glazes and firing techniques, perpetually seeking the balance in the incredibly intricate forces of nature. To her, Art is to delight the human senses and spirit and it is something beautiful to be enjoyed.

Delphine's works have been shown in exhibitions in Singapore and overseas in Japan, Taiwan and Belgium. Her works have been acquired by corporate and private collectors, government agencies.

To delve further into this creative energy, she has joined the Sculpture Society in Singapore, serving currently on the Committee.