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Thumb Tea Bowls (set of 2)

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Selling as a set of 2 Tea Bowls or Chawan. These Thumb Tea Bowls bare Michelle's signature thumb prints marking the bowls, each with their own identity. So appropriate as couple bowls!

Every country, culture, or time period may have different rituals for drinking and celebrating tea, but one commonality is the importance of the tea bowl. A tea bowl is more than a vessel to hold tea; it is an object to be appreciated to show respect to one's relations, surroundings, and the tea itself. In China, a tea ceremony is incorporated into a wedding ceremony. The bride and groom serve tea containing dried fruit and seeds to their family members to show honour and respect. 

By Michelle Eunsil Lee
Height:  11 cm
Diameter:  10 cm
Weight:  440 g
Product Code: ML2306-0022-1

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