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Tenmoku Series: Salad Bowl 3

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This Tenmoku Bowl is one of Chee Yong's reduction-fired Tenmoku Series. The emphasis is on the ceramic glaze, where a number of distinct effects can be produced, some including an element of randomness that gives it such curious appeal. Depending on how the Artist manages the cooling down time for the firing, Tenmoku glazes can vary quite drastically in colour. 

This large Tenmoku Salad Bowl imbues its strong presence in vibrant black, speckled with tea dust oil spots; yet another distinct characteristic of Tenmoku glaze on stoneware.

Whether it serves as art ware or tableware, it's a beautiful piece to showcase.

By Ang Chee Yong

Diameter:  34.9 cm

Height:  9.2 cm

Weight:  2.49 kg

Product Code: ACY2304-0024-1

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