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Tenmoku Series: Set of 2 Small Bowls

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This pair of bowls is one of Chee Yong's oxidation-fired Tenmoku Series. The emphasis is on the ceramic glaze, where a number of distinct effects can be produced, some including an element of randomness that gives it such curious appeal. Depending on how the Artist manages the cooling down time for the firing, Tenmoku glazes can vary quite drastically in colour from dark plum, to yellow, brown, and or black, with oil spots, as in this case. 

By Ang Chee Yong

Length: 8.6 cm; 8.8 cm

Width: 8.7 cm; 8.8 cm

Height: 3.9 cm; 4 cm

Weight as a set:  239 g

Product Code: ACY2202-0014-2

Note: Tenmoku takes its name from the Tianmu Mountain (天目 Mandarin: tiān mù; Japanese: ten moku; English: Heaven's Eye) temple in China where iron-glazed bowls were used for tea. It is a type of Japanese pottery and porcelain that originates in imitating Chinese stoneware Jian ware (建盏) of the southern Song dynasty (1127–1279). Tenmokus are known for their variability. During their heating and cooling, several factors influence the formation of iron crystals (oil spots or hare fur) within the glaze. 

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