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White Tulip Sake Set (tokkuri and ochoko)

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Selling as a set: Sake bottle (tokkuri) and 6 Sake cups (ochoko). 

In Japanese culture, Sake serves as an essential bond between the deities and mortal beings. Sake was considered as a mode of communication; as a prayer for blessings and protection, to appease and thank the gods for a plentiful harvest. Today, it is said that Sake has become the new frontier for fans of fine drinking!

The white tulip is a symbol for respect, innocence, purity and forgiveness. White tulips are perfect for a gift at a wedding or if you want to make something good with someone. So called the White Tulip, this Sake set comes with six Sake cups shaped like white tulips. These cups are shaped like tulip petals that arch outward making them so natural to sip comfortably from, allowing both the sake and conversation to flow. Enjoy the experience!

Sake Etiquette: When pouring out sake from the bottle or tokkuri, use both hands. Also, Sake should be poured by your companion and likewise this act of hospitality is in turn poured for them. 

By Delphine Sng

Sake Bottle: Height: 13.5 cm; Diameter: 10 cm; Capacity: 235 ml

Sake cups: Height: 5.5 cm; Diameter: 7 cm; Capacity: 35 ml

Weight:  1.1 kg

Product Code: DS2302-0117-7

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