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Treasure Pot

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In the creation of this Treasure Pot, the artist substituted real ash with synthetic ash in a glaze recipe to address the inherent issues with wood ash: impurities, variability, and supply. In the many experiments with ash glazes, the artist mixes of the synthetic ash recipe with a local stoneware body to compare the results against actual wood ash glazes. 

When fired in reduction, the glazed body of this pot was transformed into a myriad of different patterns and textures, with subtle gradation of blue and green hues. 

This Treasure Pot hold its presence standing on its own, or as a vase for an interesting ikebana arrangement. In the kingdom of dwalves and leprechauns, this pot makes a perfect stowaway for their gold treasures.

By Ang Chee Yong

Diameter:  24.5 cm

Height:  20.7 cm

Weight:  2.67 kg

Product Code: ACY2304-0018-1

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