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River Cobble: Ikebana Vase

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Cobbles are large pebbles rounded by flowing water over time. They enter lakes and ponds, and on the bed streams, in rivers, travelling into estuaries where the smoothing continues in the sea. They are transported and weathered, and their journey goes on until the day they are gathered. 

There is something calming about cobbles that makes one want to seek them out, as if to hold on to their timeless existence. Colours of river rock are mostly black, grey, green, brown and white, yet each one is so uniquely personal. 

If you can't have your pet rock from the river, this could just be your prize! This piece with its smoothness and natural colours of river cobbles, is comely and perfect for ikebana, and it is well weighted to handle tall arrangements.

By Delphine Sng

Diameter:  28 cm

Height: 11.5 cm

Weight:  2.4 kg

Product Code: DS2204-0113-1

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