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Humans have for centuries taken for granted the fragility of Earth's eco systems and their impact on the environment. Declining plant growth destroys forests and dramatically changes the habitats that are necessary for many species to survive, exacerbating the root cause of climate change. 

Fragile eco systems are ones that are extremely sensitive to environmental changes and shifts that result from outside influences and presences. They commonly suffer from the loss of biological diversity, climate change, poverty and human infringement. With rising temperatures, sea levels, and extreme weather patterns, evolutionary changes are expected in homo sapiens as well. Man can no longer deny their role as the strongest driver of change in the dramatic shifts.

With the spread of invasive species, the blue cactus as depicted in this sculptural work represents Nature in its altered state.

An outstanding art piece with its stunning colours - and so thought provoking!

By John Leong

Diameter:  20 cm

Height: 20 cm

Weight:  759 g

Product Code: JL2202-0002-1

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