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Once-Upon-A-Sake Set (tokkuri and ochoko)

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Selling as a set: Sake bottle (tokkuri) and 5 Sake cups (ochoko). 

Sake is often enjoyed with family and friends over dinner or over the sake bar with delish servings. As Sake contains a high amount of amino acids, it naturally imparts unami, which pairs well with all cuisines besides Japanese. 

Each piece of this Once-Upon-A-Sake set is designed with a distinct off-formed shape, with swashes of white and blue glazes. These little sake cups with their slightly kinked lips are really made for sipping! Enjoy this sake set as you get to know your sake well! 

Also, a pleasing gift for pottery and sake lovers.

By Delphine Sng

Sake Bottle: Height: 12 cm; Diameter: 9 cm; Capacity: 200 ml

Sake cups: Height: 4.8 cm; Diameter: 6.5 cm; Capacity: 40 ml

Weight:  825 g

Product Code: DS2302-0116-6

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