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Tenmoku Sake Katakuchi (Pourer) Set

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Selling as s set: Pourer and 2 cups.

Katakuchi (pourer) is a bowl-shaped serving vessel for sake with a single spout on one side. This type of sake serving vessel affords the sake a large surface area, allowing for more exposure to air. The Ochoko (sake cups) are excellent for sake best served at room temperature or matured sake. However, also great as a general all-rounder.

Like ceramics of old, this tenmoku glazed set would add interesting colour to your dinnerware. Add this seasonal element to your collection, and enjoy your sake experience with this drinkware!

Tip of the day: In Japan there is a saying “Nihonshu wa ryori wo erabanai” which translates into ‘sake doesn’t fight with food’. This is the idea that sake rarely overpowers food but more importantly supports and highlights its flavour and taste. Sake is gaining popularity as the perfect food pairing option.

By Kelson Ang

Sake Pourer: Height: 10 cm; Diameter: 10 cm; Capacity: 250 ml

Sake cups: 35 ml

Weight:  370 g

Product Code: KA2302-0011-3

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