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Moon Series: Crescent I

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One of Chee Yong's pit-fired Moon Series. The random effects of pit-firing render the naturally occurring psychedelic hues on these spheroids like the countless celestial orbs twirling in space. The process of pit firing has endless possibilities, the pieces seem to have been created by nature itself, by the organic material, and the fire, which transforms the surface of the clay into a myriad of different patterns and rainbow of colours, and each piece that is unearthed from the ashes is totally unique. 

These sculptural works are delightful conversational pieces. They hold their presence whether standing alone or in multiples, or when mounted as wall art.

By Ang Chee Yong

Length:  22 cm

Width: 21 cm

Height:  6 cm

Weight:  787 g

Product Code: ACY2202-0003-1

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