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Ripples in Sand: Bali Beach

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This container was wood-fired in Ubud at Gaya Ceramics. The glaze is created from the ash of wood indigenous to Bali. After years of experimentation, they have found the ideal wood to use. While anagama firing has some element of “chance” (as each kiln firing is never the same), some elements are within control to achieve the optimum results. The type of wood is one of those factors! Every time I fire in their anagama kiln, I learn techniques from their decades of expertise.

This container attracted a lot of ash (as it was towards the front of the kiln), so there is a lovely change of color as you turn the piece around. Since Bali is an island surround by lovely beaches, this container is a small momento to that.


By Julane Jones

Diameter:  13 cm

Height:  16 cm

Weight:  1.35 kg

Product Code: JJ2311-0020-1

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