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Yunomini Teacup

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The Yunomi is a style of Japanese teacup without a handle, for daily tea drinking. It has a long tradition, evolving into a variety of styles and shapes; usually tall, cylindrical with a Kodai (turned foot). It is ideal for cradling in your hands to savour the warmth and aroma of your drink.

As the name suggests, this Yunomi is less tall than the usual one, elegantly shaped and in calming hues of contrasting colours; purple and green together in perfect harmony. Take a Yunomini and drink from it!

Tip of the day: Hold the Yunomi with your right hand while supporting it from below the turned foot with your left hand. It is designed in this way so that when tea drinkers hold it, they will know whether or not the tea is too hot. 

By Kelson Ang

Diameter: 9 cm

Height: 9 cm

Weight:  180 g

Product Code: KA2302-0003-1

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