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Katakuchi Chawan (Pourer)

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When you want to whisk your matcha properly in the traditional way, and have an easy pour to serve in smaller bowls or cups, the Katakuchi Chawan is the vessel for it. It holds up to 300ml, though 90 ml for whisking matcha is recommended. It is great for sharing of a moment of matcha with friends! The Katakuchi Chawan can also be used as an elegant yuzamashi (water-cooling pot) to cool hot water to your desired temperature, before it goes into your teapot. 

Invite your tea-loving friends over to enjoy your lovely tea ware collection with you!

By Kelson Ang

Diameter: 14 cm

Height: 8.5 cm

Weight:  345 g

Product Code: KA2302-0002-1

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