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Chawan Shino

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Drinking a warm bowl of matcha whiling over making pottery is pure enjoyment, and in that pleasurable moment, this Chawan was made, with a shino glaze in mind. 

Shino is a type of Japanese ceramic that is characterized by a glaze with small pinholes. There are various types of shino glazes including: muji (white), aka (red), nezumi (gray), and those decorated with over or under glaze iron oxide.  As it turned out, the unique extraction of colours from the shino glazes and iron oxide had come through on raku clay beautifully in reduction fire, showing up all in rustic imperfection.

Beyond being functional, there is something delightful about taking the time to prepare matcha in a beautiful Chawan and to be present in the moment of making and drinking it. There is much more to a Chawan than just being a vessel to hold your tea! Own it for yourself!

By Delphine Sng

Diameter: 12 cm

Height: 8.3 cm

Weight:  348 g

Product Code: DS2302-0124-1

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