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Chawan Sanmyaku

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Understanding and using the Chawan will surely enhance your Japanese tea experience. A cylinder shaped Chawan, rather than the V-shape helps maintain the temperature of the matcha for longer. Chawan Sanmyaku was designed for matcha to be enjoyed at its best. It's unique colours of the raku clay and glazes had come through beautifully in reduction fire, showing up all the beauty in the imperfect and the organic connection with Nature. In making this, I've enjoyed thinking of the wide expanse of mountain ranges (Sanmyaku). 

Beyond being functional, there is something delightful about taking the time to prepare matcha in a beautiful Chawan and to be present in the moment of making and drinking it. There is much more to these Chawan than just being a vessel to hold your tea! Own it for yourself!


By Delphine Sng

Diameter: 13 cm

Height: 8.9 cm

Weight:  484  g

Product Code: DS2302-0123-1

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