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Celadon Plate

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Celadon pottery (yue-ware) is believed to have begun around the 200s C.E. during the Han Dynasty of China. Ancient artifacts from as early as the Shang dynasty were found with this glaze. Celadon pottery is important to the culture and art of many East Asian countries, perhaps because it resembles Jade, which symbolized good fortune, sophistication, and prosperity in many such cultures. 

This Celadon Plate depicts other typical characteristics of this transparent glaze on stoneware, with its fine crack lines showing through, revealing an off-centred circle of a carving under the glaze. Such motifs are typically influenced by nature, which include the fauna, the flora, landscape, and clouds.

By Ang Chee Yong

Diameter:  20.3 cm

Height:  3.2 cm

Weight:  293 g

Product Code: ACY2304-0021-1

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