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Bird Nest: Double-Walled Vessel

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This double-walled nest-shaped vessel was thrown on the wheel from one piece of clay, forming the inner and outer walls, then shaped leaving a hollow trough running within the ringed shape. A variety of ribs are used to create textures that emulate a semblance to the bird nest.

The interplay of clay slip and a crawling glaze gives a seemingly weathered surface which is attuned to the natural world. Technically an interesting form, this Bird Nest vessel strikes a perfect balance between function and abstraction. It leaves much to imagination as what this art piece can be. While it can hold water and be used as a vase, it may also be enjoyed purely as sculpture art.

How the egg (8.5 cm x 10 cm, weighing 380 g) came to be, was at the Artist's whim, a spur of the moment, perhaps to say - I am home here! 

By Delphine Sng

Diameter:  23 cm
Height: 9 cm
Weight:  1.95 kg
Product Code: DS2303-0123-1

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