Michelle Eunsil Lee

I'm a potter, a yoga teacher and a mom. I constantly think about how I can influence lives and make the world around me better each day in these roles. The common thread is my willingness to participate and be present in the moment with the genuine intention to do good.

My life is the place where culture, tradition and personal experiences intersect. I am a Korean American, and have lived in LA, NY, London, India and now in Singapore. My pottery work contains my life's journey. The narrative of my current and past adventures come together to create an object with the pliability of clay through my hands.

My childhood memories from the seaside in Korea, the elaboration and ornateness of Antonio Gaudi's architecture, the grandeur of the pipe organ at Evensong in Westminster Abbey, the illuminating read of the Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar, are some of the things that influence me deeply as a potter and as a person.

The connections between this multitude of experiences unfolds in a single object. Over time this spreads onto multiple objects that bear my story. Clay is the carrier of my narrative.

Michelle Lee
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