Flora Lee

Flora Lee’s first encounter with clay goes back more than 20 years ago, yet it warms her heart till today. She trained as a potter under the tutelage of the late Master Potter Lim Hua Choon at the Whampoa Community Pottery Club. She is currently works at her studio at Jalan Bahar Clay Studios, where she finds quiet respite amid the calm and natural surroundings.

Pottery making allows Flora time to reflect and appraise all that’s going on in our world, and to look at life experiences through a standpoint of appreciation and gratification. Flora is most content when creating works with clay, focusing on a single, absorbing activity. She juggles with the all-consuming process of pottery making and glaze making and firing – in serendipity, with one outcome leading to another!

How Flora relates to nature and how she sees world around her influence her work. With unreserved surrender, these impressions are imbued in her understated creations – rustic in an elegant way, rugged yet harmonious and well-proportioned, each piece is carefully refined with tremendous attention to detail.

Flora marvels at how pottery is made that leads to its permanence, and that the art of creating pottery hasn’t changed much since early civilization, so that pots, vases and dishes that are made today could still be around thousands of years from now. Flora’s acceptance of life’s impermanence means that every moment of day is precious. To her, that’s what defines time and our earthly existence. Being aware of the impermanence of all situations can fuel one’s passion for relishing the wonderful parts of life. This makes Flora want to make good pottery so that it can be enjoyed by others who appreciate it for a long time to come.

“It’s rewarding that people may still enjoy using my work every day after I am long gone” says Flora. To her, leaving her mark in this world for thousands of years adds a meaningful dimension to making great pottery!

Humility and maturity are synonymous when describing Flora’s persona. Calm and unassuming, she finds her peace in pottery, as she goes about her work as an accomplished potter. Flora also revels in travelling the uncharted routes, embarking on the road trip adventures.

Flora has from time to time shown her pottery creations at ceramic exhibitions, including fundraising exhibitions held at Changi General Hospital.


Flora Lee

Instagram: floralee1812

Email address: floralee1812@yahoo.com.sg