Alvin Ng



expertise: hand pinching method . traditional . wood-firing technique . unconventional gas-firing technique


alvin ng


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Hand pinching method

wood-firing technique

gas-firing technique


Bachelor of Art in Design,
Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia

Diploma in Graphic Design (Distinction), Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

artist statement

Alvin Ng from A_Pot Studio specializes in gas firing and wood firing teaware. He frequently conducts gas kiln firing experiments, which enables him to methodically explore and make break-throughs in the performance of “local clay” and “local ash”. 

Using his unique “hand pinching method”, Alvin lets the local clay played a leading role in shaping itself into various organic shapes, thereby enhancing the texture and characteristics of natural clay. In advancing the exploration of natural textures, Alvin also uses self-mixing ash glazes to create more intriguing textures and natural mineral glaze colours. The rich colour and lustre highlight of his work accentuate his personal artistic style. His teaware has been exhibited in Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea.

Through the three signature dots of A_Pot – see, feel and taste – his teaware aspires to delight the eye, relax the mind and quench the thirst of individuals. We can feel the simplicity and fullness of his works, a sense of generosity like the earth, reflecting his personality and simple life.


Alvin Ng is an award-winning visual communication designer and teaware artist in Singapore. As a principal designer with 20 years of experience in high profile design projects, Alvin’s design works have featured in Wallpaper*, Applied Arts, Communication Arts and HOW Magazines, and have received many internationally renowned design awards. His main strengths are conceptual thinking, innovative packaging design, book design, brand strategy and exhibition & space design. As the co-founder of “Little Red Dot”, Alvin has developed a premium lifestyle brand that reflects Singaporean life and culture’s nuances through new perspectives and humorous interpretations. He is also the co-author of “Choi! Touchwood”, an illustration publication that take readers to a whirlwind journey in the center of Singapore’s Chinatown and into the world of Chinese superstition. Alvin is the lead designer of the tender design for the first Youth Olympic Games in Singapore and the Chinatown Visitor Center.


2021 – Group international exhibition “earth.”, La galerie, Alliance Française de Singapour. Part of Singapore Art Week 2021, a joint initiative by National Arts Council, Singapore Tourism Board and Singapore Economic Development Board Singapore

2019 – Group international exhibition “Taiwan First International Chawan Festival”, Northern Miaoli Art Center, Miaoli County, Taiwan

2017 – Artist and designer of Singapore Global Pavilion (Ways of Crafts: Conveying the Dynamic of Living and Making); dialogue with Swiss ceramic artists, 2017 Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Cheongju, South Korea

2015 & 2016 – Curator and artist of award-winning exhibitions (Designing Cultures Studio) at Red Dot in China 2015 and 2016, Xiamen International Design Business Week, Xiamen, China

2015 – Curator and artist of exhibition (Designing Cultures: Reflection on Culture) at DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2015, Kraftwerk Berlin, Berlin, Germany


Choi! Touchwood!  A walking journey in Chinatown based on Chinese traditions, superstitious myths and taboo. 2012. Singapore: Basheer Graphic Books. Co-author.


2021 Creative Communication Award 

2020 Novum Design Award 2020

2020 Paris Design Awards 2020 

2019 DNA Paris Awards 

2019 Indigo Design Award 

2017 Creative Quarterly Competition (50)  

2017 K-Design Award International

2017 A’ Design Awards 2016-2017

2016 Red Dot Award: Communication Design

2016 iF Communication Design Awards

2016 The Museum’s prestigious GOOD DESIGN™ Award
2016 Asia-Pacific Design No. 11

2014 iF Communication Design Awards 

2014 8th Annual International Design Awards (IDA14)

2014 The Eighth Annual Spark Design & Architecture Awards

2014 Hiiibrand Awards 2014 | icograda IDA

2014 The Museum’s prestigious GOOD DESIGN™ Award 

2013 A’ Design Award 2013-14

2013 Spark Communication Award 

2013 Coupe International Design and Image Competition 

2013 Print Celebrates Design Awards 

2013 Applied Arts 2013 Design Awards

2013 Design for Asia Award 

2012 How International Design Awards 

2012 Design for Asia Award 

2012 6h Annual International Design Awards

2012 Hiiibrand Awards 2012 | icograda IDA

2011 Design for Asia Award 

2010 Hiiibrand 2010 International Logo Design Award

2010 London Book Festival Awards


2017 Heritage Research Grant (HRG) by National Heritage Board, Singapore | Co-Investigator

2014 irememberSG Fund by National Library Board, Singapore | Collaborator

2010 Heritage Industry Incentive Programme by National Heritage Board, Singapore | Grant Awarded to Chinatown Business Association, Singapore | Principal Investigator

2010 Development Fund by Singapore Tourism Board, Singapore | Grant Awarded to Chinatown Business Association, Singapore | Principal Investigator

2009 Heritage Industry Incentive Programme by National Heritage Board, Singapore | Principal Investigator