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Still Waters III

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As part of a series, Still Waters is one of Karen’s signature works. It was birthed out of a personal passion to seek out quiet places of respite, carved out by crisp air and clear waters over rockpools. Although such oasis of calm may seem elusive to city dwellers most of the time, that escape is really only an imaginative thought away. Karen hopes that these ceramic artworks will invite their owners to enter into such journeys of restful imagination.

Characteristic of Karen’s ceramic works, these vessels combine artistic expression with traditional craft skills and innovative decorating. Incisions that mimic a gentle stream flowing over pebbles in a meandering riverbed are the key features of these ceramic platters. The intricate carvings demand dexterity and artisanal skills that are well-honed through years of practised precisions. Karen believes that artistic precision can elevate the mundane activity of handling utilitarian ceramic ware into an experience of fine art. Art appreciation must be infused into everyday commonplace. Create your own art space with this beautiful piece and enjoy it!

Karen is also open to accepting commission work for pieces like these, as you may prefer.

By Karen Tan

Diameter:  27.5 cm

Height:  11 cm

Weight:  1 kg

Product Code: KT2204-0008-1

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