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Thumb Towerscape 2

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Thumb Towerscape 2, one of a new series of Michelle's work marking the entire piece with her thumb prints. The shapes are inspired by what she sees when she looks out the window of her studio in Far East Shopping Center that fronts the main Orchard Road of Singapore.

She feels the throbbing heartbeat of the fast-pace Singapore as she walks to her studio. Yet once she's within her quiet Potterywell Studio, she feels the calm, like being in the womb of a vessel. The tactile experience of pottery making as the ancients have known, takes her to another level of heaven. 

Michelle's new body of work, Thumb Towerscape Series expresses the spaces that surround her from the exterior to the interior. See closely, you will find the womb of a vessel against the backdrop of the landscape in the outside world.

By Michelle Eunsil Lee


Height:  29 cm

Diameter:  14 cm

Weight:  1 kg

Product Code: ML2204-0019-1

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