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The Grace We Carry II

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How we perceive our burden, real or imagined, will determine the mood and nature of our life journey. All too often, our ability to cope with life’s challenges is not determined by what happens to us, but by the stories we choose to tell ourselves. As a psycho-therapist, Karen is well acquainted with the role of helping others unburden life’s deepest pain by re-scripting their inner life narrative. In that process, enlightenment and empowerment inevitably spring forth where grace is found wrapped up in what was once a dreadful burden.
THE GRACE WE CARRY is a ceramic series that pays homage to the many brave ones who have chosen to embrace grace in their lives, and to allow it to overshadow the pain of past pains and burdens. The disproportionate burdens of life can indeed be transformed into the grace we carry!

Karen is also open to accepting commission work for pieces like these, as you may prefer.

By Karen Tan

Diameter:  13 cm

Width: 14.5 cm

Height:  24 cm

Weight:  714 g

Product Code: KT2204-0014-1

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