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Snail's Shell: Pit-fired Vase

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Some vases are not designed for fresh flowers. Many ceramic vases, especially those uniquely made ones, have unglazed interiors that water will permeate. Pottery that is pit-fired, is not glazed, and has been fired in an open bonfire or in a pit, an ancient method of firing. Pottery fired to this low temperature of 1100 degrees celcius is porous and not watertight. 

The colours and patterns on pit-fired pieces occur naturally as a result of the interaction with organic materials as they are engulfed in flames during the pit firing process. This pit-fired vase resembles the home of a snail; its homey spherical shape has that smooth sheen complexion and all the natural colours of earthy matter which makes it a comely timeless art piece. It pairs really well with some driftwood.

By Delphine Sng

Diameter:  17 cm

Height: 11.5 cm

Weight:  866 g

Product Code: DS2303-0122-1

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