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Skeletal Remains

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Selling as a pair.

When one part of an eco system is damaged or destroyed, it would directly affect the remaining parts, resulting in the collapse of the entire eco system. Extinction would be the dire consequence! It is because all organisms depend on each other to form a sustainable food chain. Faced with extinction, what's left are the skeletal remains. If the Earth were to spin for some millions of years after, there may be a chance these skeletal remains could become fossils.

This knobbly sculptural work is a depiction of what the Artist had envisioned as he looked at how biodiversity loss can have significant direct human impact - affecting livelihoods, local migration and may even exacerbate conflicts over scarce resources.

 A poignant art piece that takes your imagination far, far away.

By John Leong

Large: Height 20cm x Length 26cm x Width 23 cm, Weight: 1.43 kg

Small: Height 13cm x Length 15cm x Width14cm, Weight: 500 g

Product Code: JL2202-0003-2

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