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Kanpai Sake Set (tokkuri and ochoko)

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Selling as a set: Sake bottle (tokkuri) and 2 Sake cups (ochoko). 

Traditionally, sake is best enjoyed during the appetizer phase of the meal, or during tapas-style dining called 'izakaya'. Different sakes can bring out the flavours in the appetizers and make the meal even more enjoyable and memorable. 

With an ash glaze and swashes of white/orange Shino glaze, this reduction-fired Kanpai Sake set has that rustic charm perfect for an authentic dining experience. And there is a way to imbibe this ancient brew respectfully. These flatter, wider-mouthed Sake cups (more like Sakazuki) are designed so that the unique aroma of the Sake beautifully swirls around before you taste it; best enjoyed sipped. 

Also, a pleasing gift for pottery and sake lovers.

By Delphine Sng

Sake Bottle: Height: 13 cm; Diameter: 9.5 cm; Capacity: 300 ml

Sake cups: Height: 3.7 cm; Diameter: 7.3 cm; Capacity: 30 ml

Weight: 567 g

Product Code: DS2302-0118-3

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