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The bright yellow fungi (leucocoprinus birnbaumii) are so striking that they appear to have mutated from some unworldly form. Could they mutate into an alien blue specie or perhaps, a multitude of other species? Earth's biodiversity faces a myriad of human threats - habitat loss, pollution, global warming, overexploitation (whether poaching or legal collecting).

Mutation portrays an imagery of invasive species as being some of the main drivers of population decline and extinction.

As a sculptural artwork, it stands out as curious forms that prompts deeper thoughts.

By John Leong

Large: Height 26cm; Diameter 12cm; Weight 1.37 kg

Medium: Height 20cm; Diameter 11cm; Weight 1.1 kg

Small: Height 15cm; Diameter 8.5cm; Weight 550 g

Product Code: JL2202-0004-3

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