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First Home

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Birds spend only a number of days of the year building nests and they instinctively build it to a design that is unique to their kind. Part of their family planning is in building their nest - they seek out and weave loose twigs and roots into a structurally sound home. 

How awesome it is to watch how life precariously unfolds, the arduous searching for a quiet location, building of nests in time for eggs to be laid, the feeding of fledgling birds till they take off. Not unlike our human kind making homes for loved ones, especially the excitement that comes with the anxiety in setting up our first home. 

This Art piece delineates our human nature in relation to the wonders of Nature that surrounds us. It would settle well in a new home!

By Delphine Sng

Diameter:  23 cm

Height: 10 cm

Weight:  878 g

Product Code: DS2204-0111-1

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