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Disproportionate Burden I

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This ceramic series was first initiated by the artist’s personal challenge to push the boundaries of wheel-thrown ceramics through the creation of unconventional forms that mimic the language of surrealism. Re-imagining of the exaggerated lips of the clay vessel had birthed forth the latest series of ceramic artworks entitled, Disproportionate Burden.

This Series carries a compelling social message. These ceramic sculptures adorn new forms that are reminiscent of women in developing countries, balancing water jugs and other burdens on their heads. Bearing heavy and awkward loads on the head is commonplace for women through the centuries. It is the harsh reality of life and discrimination that often dictate the disproportionate burdens of women everywhere. This work is the artist’s homage to the courage and resilience of these women. In their burden-bearing, these women had also demonstrated such impressive sense of balance and dexterity, which truly epitomize grace under pressure. 

Nonetheless, the story of burden does not limit itself to women of the developing world, many of us here in the developed world, are also bearing oversized burdens in our reality and in our unconscious.

Karen is also open to accepting commission work for pieces like these, as you may prefer.

By Karen Tan

Diameter:  12 cm

Height:  43.5 cm

Weight:  986 g

Product Code: KT2204-0010-1

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