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Shino Sake Tokkuri (Bottle) Set

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Selling as a set: Sake bottle and 2 cups.

This glossy brown shino glaze is complemented more beautifully by the gradient colours. Its smooth texture of fine stoneware Ochoko (sake cups) feels comfortable to the lips, waking them up to enjoy the rich, delicate taste of sake. It is perfect for a special occasion when enjoying sake with family and guests, infusing an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere into your dining table or home bar.

It'll also make an extraordinary gift for ones who love sake and things to do with Japanese art and culture. 

By Kelson Ang

Sake Bottle: Height: 12 cm; Diameter: 9 cm; Capacity: 350 ml

Sake cups: 45 ml

Weight:  360 g

Product Code: KA2302-0009-3

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