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Gai Wan

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The word, 'Gai Wan' translates literally to “lid and bowl,'. The Gai wan flourished during the Ming Dynasty when loose-leaf teas became popular among the tea enthusiasts of that time. The Gai wan was most often made from porcelain. It is the preferred vessel for appreciating the aromas of fragrant teas.

Delicate to the touch, Kelson's Gai Wan bears all the refinements for tea drinking, and so it is made for this very purpose!

Tip for the day: When enjoying the Art of Tea with the Gai wan, the water level should rise slightly above the lid to create a seal for locking in aromas. Steep for the recommended infusion time.

By Kelson Ang

Diameter: 12 cm

Height: 6 cm

Capacity: 150 ml

Weight:  230 g

Product Code: KA2302-0005-2

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