Karen Tan

In art, as in life, Karen is a passionate idealist. Having sat by the potter’s wheel for over 2 decades, she has found that it is in the embracing of, and surrendering to chaos, that mud and water can find beautiful, lasting expressions. Karen’s clay-works adorn a sophisticated blend of intricacy and simplicity, laced with sensuous and elegant lines. Each artwork is an articulation of her relentless pursuit of the perfect form through practised precision, while pushing established boundaries. With her muddy hands and the spinning potter’s wheel, Karen seeks to tell compelling stories of the human condition- be it love and abandonment, or hope and restoration.

Karen is also an educational psychologist turned art therapist, who believes in using the cathartic power of art and imagination, to help individuals find self-awareness, inner healing, resolutions, and ultimately their paths back to God, the Creator and Divine Healer. Her passion is to harness the inherent ability of clay to ignite the imagination, and awaken the soul of both maker and user, as each  discovers personal catharsis. 

With her experience in handling clay, making both functional and sculptural pieces, Karen is accustomed to taking on commission work, whether functional or sculptural pieces.


Karen TAN (MSc, MA, AThR)

Ceramic Artist / Art Therapist

INSTAGRAM aclaydance