Julane Jones


I grew up in Alaska, which is the total opposite to Singapore! Yet, I fell in love with this little island called Singapore.  Fortunately, there is a thriving community of pottery artists living here. In 2006, I started taking classes at Kampong Glam Community Center and later joined their club. Since 2018, I’ve been the Chairperson of our club. The process of learning and sharing knowledge is paramount to me, as this will in turn nurture aspiring ceramicists and collectors.

My art beginnings are rooted in graphic design. While a student at Parson’s School of Design in NYC, I also took several glass blowing courses, which triggered an excitement in 3D form…and fire. Fast forward to 2002, this is when I decided to explore the world of ceramics…another art that uses the alchemy of fire! 

My work is often influenced by nature: wood, rattan, vines, stones, roots, coral…these elements often weave a path into my clay creations. Especially while travelling overseas, I am always on the look-out for unusual tools for texturing clay such as seed pods, rope, or coral; or perhaps I find a fragment of driftwood that transforms into a handle. It’s common for me to bring back some new-found treasures from hiking or dive trips. My last trip to Phoenix, Arizona added some unusual cactus skeleton handles to a series of work. Inspiration is everywhere! 

I generally create functional ceramics, but I also love exploring lots of firing techniques from anagama/wood, raku, gas, or electric. Each one creates a different opportunity and an inherent learning curve that adds a splash of surprise. Ceramics is always exciting! 


Julane Jones

Instagram: Julane.pottery

Email address: Julane@gmx.ch