Julane Jones

I grew up in Alaska, but I fell in love with this little island called Singapore in 2005. I’ve been creating my pottery at Kampong Glam Community Centre’s ceramic studio and I was the Chairperson of our club for 5 years. The process of learning and sharing knowledge is paramount to me, as this will in turn nurture aspiring ceramicists and cultivate a community of enthusiasts. My life in Singapore lasted 13 years. In 2022, I moved to Thailand to continue exploring my “obsession with clay” and delve into another country with a rich artistic background.

My art beginnings are rooted in graphic design. While a student at Parson’s School of Design in NYC, I also took several glass blowing courses, which triggered an excitement in 3D form…and fire. In 2002, I turned to pottery and have since worked in studios in the USA, Europe, and various countries in Asia.

My work is often influenced by nature and textures: wood, rattan, vines, stones, roots, coral…these elements often find an expression in my work. Sometimes as a print on the surface or perhaps attached as a handle. Mother nature is truly the best inspiration.

I generally create functional ceramics and mostly thrown on a wheel, but I also enjoy experimenting with different firing techniques such as anagama/wood, raku, gas, or electric. I hope my work inspires fellow pottery artists and also the general public to explore the beauty and magic that lies in the humble medium of clay.  


Julane Jones

Instagram: Julanepottery

Email address: Julane@gmx.ch