Joyce Loo

Joyce Loo’s inclination for clay started taking root since 1998. She began her creative career in 2008 after leaving her lucrative job to pursue her passion in the Arts. Her artworks demonstrate a strong affinity to nature and earth, from which she draws much of her inspirations to create clay sculptural forms, especially, flora and fauna. A self-taught artist of remarkable ingenuity, her works give visual harmony to colours, textures and a composition of her sensibilities towards nature.

Joyce has represented in several local and international exhibitions such as 2005 in Japan, 2008 in Cannakkale University Fine Arts of Turkey, 2014 in The Art student league of New York, 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan, 2016 in Chang Chun, China and 2018 in New Delhi, India. Joyce has been an active member of the Sculpture Society of Singapore since 2008.

Her 1st solo exhibition “My Eden” was held at the Fort Canning Park in 2010 and 2nd solo exhibition “Embrace” at Viridian Art House.

She works in her studio gallery at the Wessex estate. Her works have been bought and collected by Museums in Singapore, China and Government agencies, corporate as well as private collectors, VIP awards or gifts.


Ceramic Artist & Studio Owner

Joyclay Studio @joyclaystudio

+65 9838 6765