Daphne Pok

I have always loved the art of making and making of art. To me the beautifully made object is something that intrigues, inspires and motivates me. This interest led me to the study and practice of architecture for 15 years. An opportunity to pick up pottery as a hobby in Hong Kong then led to the discovery of clay as a medium of expression, which is infinitely satisfying in the whole process of form making and very therapeutic for the soul, much like being in the midst of nature, where I recharge and connect with my creative energies. Whether it is architecture or pottery, harmony comes in balancing the God-made with the manmade and this is where I find myself most fulfilled and joyful.

I would describe my work as organic and instinctive as I rely mostly on visual cues to determine the end result of the form and its texture. The study in the art of ikebana has recently heightened my senses to how the functional vessels perform as the man-made stage to God-made beauty. Appreciation for music, dance, modern art and architecture, in particular; the art nouveau to the brutalist movements, the indigenous and primitive arts continues to inform my aesthetic judgements. Representing femininity is also an aspect of myself that I wish to convey as an artist and I hope to capture the love, sensuality, delicacy and strength in clay.

My work is characterised by a chronic experimentation of form, texture and glaze as I strive to build pieces that I dream about and rarely repeat. Pottery allows me to leave behind the marks of my hands, mind and heart in clay that will hopefully be treasured and kept by those who behold beauty and love in the same spirit. I am ultimately just a piece of clay myself, a work in progress being moulded and shaped through life, humbled to be given the opportunity to be a potter by the Supreme Potter.